Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As Im getting older and i spent some tyme trapped behind tha fridge earlier this year and burned my paws, Ive had kinda a hard time getting around. I still walk everywhere I want and am everywhere when beans waked up, ive taken tha laundry rhum as myown. Beans wont paint it my favorite color, but nonetheless Ive moved in. I also am getting soooo babed. I shouldve trapped myself years ago. Ive never been a people cat but i let the beans tote me around and kiss my head alot. I also get lots of treats. well let me tell yoo though its no picnic. yesterday, beans changed sheets and momma toted hers into tha laundry rhum and dropped them. knowing i was in tha floor sissy came up with hers, dropped them in the door and said wheres Ivory. I wasnt on my table, behind the washer or anywhere to be seen. I camed up shaking my head from under.....mommas sheets. she didnt see me and dropped them right on my head. Siiy pulled me up and put me on my floor pallet. i was perplexed and momma was apologetic so i accepted her apology.....Ivory

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beans saw this at tha Petsmart. THey thought it was tooooo cute and such a bargain, under $10. They almost boughted it fur me ta play dress up in but knew deep down i wouldnt like wearing it. yoo cant play all ruff in a pretty dress....Roxie

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Rats.... Caught rooting up tha pillows. GOtta maked a spot comfy cozy to relax on.....Carlie

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have no worries about these here pup. Let them get after me, Im no scared, I dont run. Theres no real difference between us I think. My motto is "No worries Mon".........Tyson

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SIssy took this pic a couple weeks back (old carpet). Ive been sneaking out and busting out the door so ive been told to stay away from the doors (see tha spray bottle) and in this pic Roxies telling me "sissy told you to stay away"............Tyson

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beans have been busy. Of course they have some touch ups to make and need to paint the doors but theyve brightened up the room.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bean will have pics soon. Theyre renovating the den this week. Going for a darker carpet, since we pretty much destroyed the white carpet. White was fine when it was only Jay as the pup. Also since new carpet, theys painted that paneling. and put up new fans, 2 of them. I helped the handyman install tha fans. I took over the top of the step stool and hissed when he tried to make me move. Im a handycat meself now. Turns out beans still picked a light carpet, lighter then needed. But hopefully it'll last a least 5 years, like the last one did....Tyson

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Independence Day

wooooooooooooo Praise Jesus. Sissy finallly filnally finallly gotted tha abiltity to download back.  She had updated internet explorer to version 11 because her yahoo email said it likes that version. But they soon lost ability to download at all. Nothing. No spreadsheets, pics nothing. Well sissy did several restores to previous date, no dice. Tonight after painting the den it occured to her to check the control panel area out again and uninstalled the internet and that took her back to old and yahoo aint happy but our beans are. yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, June 26, 2014

yesterday tha beans were in tha kic=tchen waiting for dinner to be done and since we pups had been in and out, momma looked out tha window and saw Randy running down tha street, beans hadn't redone the gate chain so no one couldn't open it even if they tried, after tha guy werked on tha deck this past weekend. She went flying out after him and basically shoved sissy aside, she was just trying to get to Randy and Sissy was in tha doorway...but as sissy said, Randys right here behind you. And Roxie too. But SIssy thought what other yorkie could it be.... Sasha from down tha street. A very sweet southern gurl that is too nice and cowed for her own good. She went running out. Beans follow dog down tha street and momma hollars "little dog" well that was Gussies name before beans found out his name was Gus. And where did tha pup say was his home...Gussies old house. His old owners moved years ago. Momma realized this was an older pup, much older than Randy and from Sissy that Randy and Roxie are inside. And Sissy realized it was a boy, not Sasha. His owner came out and beans told her he was out. The owner got him in.  Quite an evening. Sissy thought momma was funny knocking her down to get to imaginary Randy. Randy said it looked like him in about 15 years.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tool Time Tyson

This past weekend tha beans had tha handyman here installing some fans. The other kitties stayed away, Blade slunk himself down and went and hid fur hours ("stranger danger" he yelled) but I sat beside tha guy and learnt how to do electrical stuff. Beans hafe some more fans thayre replacing, and I said fur them to cancel him and I'd put them up. I think I got it. Im a gud learner. Momma always sasys pup Randy smells like a mechanic, so I thought Saturday morning Id head outside with him to learn how to werk on cars, the beans were startled as Ive never tried to go out before and momma catched me immediately and got me back in. Im trying to be handy. I thought since Randy smelled like a mechanic he was one. Beans now calling me Tool Time......Tyson