Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi all. Ive hueard all about this thingy. I am Jack. Named after Jack Swagger (since I have a swagger about me). Momma founded me running tha streets in May on a very hot day. She pickt me up. Benas posted notices online, craigslist, Petsmart and also had my chip scanned. I was microchipped in 2009, so beans know I am at least 5, in New Orleans. PetSmart and tha beans called the # for my chip and were told wrong #, and sissy was able to track down my 2009 owners resume online and sent out emails but to no avail. Im a sweet boy who is clod natured. Sissys electric blanket died in early August and we thought we'd freeze until new ones came out at stores at the beginning of October. Beans bought me my own sweater and I looove it. Alll us pups have one. Beans are keeping me. Im a fussy older fellow who likes to sleep and stay warm. I like to play and chase squirrals along the fencetop.

Apparantly, according to what beans know about me, I was chipped in New Orleans, I moved here to Nashville, oh and when I was chipped they didnt give my name at the time. My old owner is back in New Orleans but I wasnt running the streets too long so who knows from there.....Just Jack  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Momma was putting the whites in the washer this afternoon and i was walking up along the side to get to the dryer and she turned around with a handfull and i fell into the open machine. Luckily, sissy was right there and also momma saw too and also there was enough in the washer already that my head i didnt fall very far in, was cushioned and my head was above where the door was. Sissy busted out laughing as Blade was on the dryer and hes climbed in the dryer before (beans hafta watch well for us). Momma lifted me out of the dryer and set me on floor. I was startled but fine. We're a hot mess here....Snowy

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Once the girls (Momma and Misty) went home, tha beans were talking about Carlie and how he was barking lyk crazy at them in thar cages before they left, the girls stayed in the living rhum with tha door shut and pups could only go in one at a time and kittys could freely visit, and they beans said cant get no cats after Carlie since he goes sooooo nuts, but then they realized i moved in well after him, im the youngest kitty (ill be a year at the beginning of the year) and we got along fine without Carlie hafing ta be crazzzy. But momma said "its cause Tyson has no sense to him and isnt scared of tha pups so they pay him no mind".  Momma told me she meant it nice, but that I have no sense of fear at all. And I dont. But thats ok, here thers no reason to have fear.....Tyson

Monday, October 13, 2014

My side effectfrom getting flea meds...I act all crazzy. I was under, between and all over tha pillows. I liked to make forts with tha shams. But I am back to normal now. Beans say Im a crazzzy boy and aint quite right.....Tyson

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hi we are Momma Kitty and Misty (Mommas more white and Mistys mom and Mistys got more color) and tha beans are cat sitting us while owr beans are on vacay. We liked it here. Wes loving girls and enjoy hanging here watching tv, getting pets and looking out tha windows. Our beans return this Saturday. Weve watched aloted of the food netwoork so now we know how to cook fancy meals...Misty & Momma

Monday, September 29, 2014

Beans spotted a flea on me this past week so off to tha PetSmart they went. Sissy gotted a coupon for $35 off $100 so they were thrilled since our flea meds for both pups and litties total over $100. They camed home. Saturday tha pups were groomed (shaved and bathed, beans loooove their shears) and then flea meds applied. Then it was kitties turns. They sheved patches on those of us with thick or long hair (to get to the skin) and appled flea meds. It wore us out. wes exhausted. Ive done this the rest of the weekend. Pillows beware. .......Tyson 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RIP Ivory

With heavy hearts we announce the passing of little Ivory. She was 12 years old. Apparantly when she got trapped behind the fridge several months back, it must've triggered a stroke and shes been in hospice at the house for several months. She waited until she was ready to pass on, as beans never knew when her last day was. But she still tried her hardest to be independent and was always a clean girl. If she accidentally used the restroom on her towel, no matter how bad she felt, she'd try to get to a clean spot until beans came and cleaned her and got her a fresh towel....The Beans

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I thought I was gonna just die last nyte. Me and momma slepp with tha overheand and a floor fan. Well sissy hurd a noise that sounded lyk things were bin knocked off a shelf in our rhum. Sissy camed in ta investigate as momma started to yell fur her. I was on momma, practically in her arms and tha floor fan had started to come apart. apparantly it was in tha process of breakin and i pinned momma down in an effort to be safe in her arms. Sissy thought she fixed it and i went back to my spot beside it but 5 minutes later, that same thing happened and i was truly freaked. Sissy tuk tha fan away and camed back with floor fan from another rhum but i was done fur tha nyte. I couldnt take it if it happened again so i said "see ya" to momma and spent tha nyte wiff sissy....Jay

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Bologna = delishous stinky goodness. I use my paws like a fork....Snowy

Monday, September 08, 2014

I get sooooo tired after romping with tha pups. The kittys barely play with me so I get the pups....Tyson