Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the cats now

we have
salem: our spoiled 1st cat inside. she is a 9 year old calico. shes the alpha girl and just spoilt rotten
snow: 10 year old white cat with black on his head and tail. alpha male. a good boy.
blade: 6 year old blackie that is a mess who wants snowys alpha male postion and tries to fight him. he was rescued alone on the streets soo hungry he was convulsing. very sweet.
shawn, rocky and stevie: 6 year old triplets ( s & s are boys and rocky is a girl) who were gonna be drowned if we didnt come get them all. these are the mose loving cats ever and rocky is ruint. she thinks that all our food is hers too and will eat ours. but she is a good girl and eats her catfood too. rocky and stevie are black and shawn is white withe black on his head and tail and half his back.
hunter and chyna: 5 1/2 year old boy and girl twins solid black. they looked like bats when they were babies. they are just beautiful now. they are very sweet and greatful to be there. they stayed to themselves when we got them because they had already been to 4 homes and were only 3 months old.
benoit: he is a 5 year old long haired blackie. he is very skittish. dont know why. but he is a bounning tiggery cat. bounces around the house. he is the only one salem will tolerate. he is such a good boy.
molly & ivory: molly s a gray calico and ivory an orange tabby but they are 5 year old twins that were found in a garage smelling of gasoline. ivory thinks that smowy is her dad and loves him dearly and molly is a milk drinking girl. she always sits in front of her bowl crying out for milk. where as ivory thinks that she should be eating on crystal and eating cavier.
raven: she is a 5 year old long haired orange tabby. she is a sweetie. she was taken in from a pothead who smoked pot around her. she is part of molly and ivorys group now.
baby: he is 4 years old and a gray tabby. he thinks he is part monkey. he is a jumper and climber. he came from the neighbors. we finally told them not to get another cat ever. they havent since. he was in their backyard with the huge dog and was trying to get away from teh dog when we took him.
piper & flair: they are 3 year old babies stolen in the dark of the night from the projects. they were out eating scraps and were eat up with fleas. flair is a solid black boy who is always sleepy. and piper is a white cat with black markings and a baby. she is the toughest one we have.
angle: she is a 3 year old solid black girl. she was found walking the streets. and now is part of the piper and flair group. she adores them and is the biggest rough houser ever.

well that concludes introductions. they are all well taken care of and up to date on shots and all are fixed so we wont have any babies. good we have enough as is. so all are well fed. and the house is cleaner then most people without cats homes. and they are a happy clan.

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RobC said...

WoW It is a Zoo! So many cats...
By the way thanks for dropping by at Myoo's place.