Thursday, May 04, 2006


we were eating chicken last night and every dog was outside and all the cats put up but blade because he pings the door.
we were eating on trays and maam turned her head and a a big black paw came up over the side of the couch got the chicken(a whole breat) and pulled it back down.
she turned back around and her chicken was gone.


Derby said...

Hello, I see you are new on the blogoshphere. Welcome. Pictures of your kitties please.

Happy-Go-Lucky said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, so glad you could join us. I'm Lucky, or HGL, if it pleases you. I come from a large family too. We have 13 dogs, nine of which are chihuahua puppies, and 5 of us cats.

THE ZOO said...

hi everyone thanks for the greeting.
derby: i will try to get pictures in this weekend.
hgl: we have 3 woofies and 16 poodies.

Anonymous said...

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