Friday, June 30, 2006

why we are a zoo

i swear i dont have a house of cats, it a zoo instead.
hunter has figured out how to climb the louvered closet doors like a ladder and is constantly on a race to the top.
little rocky ( monkey too) will jump on you from anywhere high when you dont expect it but she will expect you to catch her.
steven thinks he is a crab because when he gets mad he will walk sideways at you and turn his head around all crazy
shawn is a panda that wants to cuddle constantly
salem the cat thinks she is a dog
little dog looks like a wolverine
selena the dog thinks she is a cat
ugh their all crazzzzy


The Meezers said...

oh, our Mommy is almost rolling on the floor wif water coming out of her eyes lafing so hard. She said "for once it's not me wif the weird crazy cats"

Anonymous said...

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