Thursday, July 06, 2006


ohh boy we had a whole bunch of flashey things goings kaboomie real prettly all weekend. it scared the woofies though. they went "woof woof woof" at them acause they thought somone was ashooting at us. silly pups


Zeus said...

I didn't like the fireworks either! I ran back and forth from the dining room window (which faces the backyard) to the living room windows (which face the front yard) in an attempt to pin down the source of that maniacal booming noise!

Timmy said...

No more kaboomies here for us (thank goodness!!) but instead, we hadded a BIG kaboomie next door when a branch falled down in the road! A big one that maked the town beans come and make buzzing noises at it at 5 AM!!!

Ayla said...

Thank goodness that stupid holiday is over. I was getting so tired of being woken up constantly by those crash-a-boomies. How is a girl supposed to sleep in conditions like that?