Friday, July 14, 2006

Our nicknames:
Woofies first:

Selena: selena bobena, bean, & cena beana
Jd: jj
Gus: gussie, ld

Poodies now:

Salem: baby say, say say
Snow: snowball, snowman
Blade: blado
Shawn: smudge, loverboy
Steven: stevie, toes, tippytoes, crochet
Rocky: hot rock, rock-a-bye
Hunter: hu hu
Chyna: chyn chyn, baby girl, chyna ruby
Benoit: benny, benji, Benjamin
Molly: mighty molly, molly holly
Ivory: i i , I, skinny mini
Raven: rey rey, chubby huggs
Baby: bitty baby
Piper: pipe pipe, pied piper, pipe
Flair: peeper, sleepy, jello, wiggle worm
Angle: ang ang

1 comment:

Ayla said...

Just goes to show humans are weird. Why can't they just stick to the names they gave us?

Oh and I am NOT the "grumpy girl." Bah.