Friday, August 11, 2006


Yay wes gotted tagged to play by sultenfus & guy. Thanks guys. The rules are below. Since wes a lot of poodies & 3 woofies wes decided that salem, steven, and rocky, are gonna play this time for the cats. The woofies are resting.

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself and your humans." At the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


1.) I don’t like cats (efen if I isid one)
2.) I don’t eat my stinky goodness I lick the gravy off and stray pieces get in my mouth on occasion
3.) I love woofies
4.) I haff to eat separate from the other cats
5.) I hate hate hate change. Snowy and I was best furriends until we moved no I loathe him. No reason though.

1.) I play fetch wiff my crochet
2.) I answer to the name crochet
3.) I can tell time. Ifid the beans say I can go into the office here at 500 and then they later say steven its 500 time I comed runnin and i try to opened the door too. i know that it hasid somefing to do wiff that knobby thing.
4.) I haved my tongue stuck out all the time. No reason just do. The beans say its cute
5.) I sleep straight thru the night. No getting up for me in the middle of the night. I need my beauty sleep

1.) My feet rarely touch the floor. I get toted everywhere.
2.) I love beans hair.
3.) Salem is my archenemy efen though I never done nuffin to her. Shes just jealous and crazzzy.
4.) I loveee bean food specially pasgettii & corn. The sisfur gaved me a bowl o pasgetti sauce the ofer day ( her bowl she set on the cabinet for a few minutes ) and she comed back and said I looked liked a baby eating acause I had it everywere. On me and all ofer the cabinet.
5.) I sleeped in a cradle in the office at night. It’s the sisfurs toy from her beanhood. It hasd a pillow & pillow case an afghan & sheet. I sometimes moved the pillow to the foot to lay on to watch tv at night. They leaved it on for me or my turtle light as a nightlight.

Five crazy fings about the beans (meowmy & sisfur)
1.) they dressed in black at midnight and went in the black car wiff hammmm to catnap piper & flair from the streets in the projects were they roamed.
2.) They haff to do somefing every weekend always doing somefing. They weared us out.
3.) Theyre short. There we said it. Weve seened ofur beans on tv and yaw is short. The top of the cabinets are empty acause they cant reached that high.
4.) They don’t share their food enough.
5.) From Rocky: meowmy keeps her hair to short for me. I want to knead her hair whened its long. But she refuses to grow her hair all longed for me.
6.) And a 6th one. Mosted of us isd named after wrestlers. That’s crazy right???

We tag zorro, phoebe & dorian, pretty & chicken, p didley , petronius, lulu, sahara, jack & meg , buddy & puss, myoo and Frankie and the flock o fuzzies but only ifid you guys want to play.


DEBRA said...

That was some list you guys had...wowie!

Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee


Sultanfus and Guy said...

You guys sure have some interesting habits! It is fun getting to know you all:)

Sahara said...

Thank you for the tag...I just found it...I told mom to leave the computer on so I will play in the next few days...

Anonymous said...

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