Tuesday, September 12, 2006

salem here

my meowmy isid maad at me an i dont efen know why. all i did was sneaked into to the office and hide. and then she put whend sisfur putted rocky in the room (ohh i hate her sooo much) (shes a suk up) and waited to sisfur went back out and then bam and whap whap whap. i was banging rocky head into the wall and she was all ascreaming "sisfur sisfur" and i said no one can help you now you little suk up then sisfur comed running in and i ran back into the closet and looked at her and said "what i dont know why rocky was screaming an dis now crying, i think shes a tittiebaby" and sisfur popped my butt (not nice) and took rocky back our. what its my house. i was here first.


Rosie & Cheeto said...
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Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo need to be pashunt and nice to rocky. When I furst met rosie we fawght and fawght fur a cupple of howrs then we became frends and bathed eachothur. Sumtimes I get a little rough with rosie and get a timeowt in the peeple littur box but when I come owt we are frends again. -cheeto

THE ZOO said...

only fing cheeto, weve been at this for 6 years. shes my mortal enemy. wes stay away from eech ofer most times but when we do meet up wes freaten the ofer one. she freatns me too