Friday, October 20, 2006

cats in the cradle, and wont get out

That ole sisfur finished off the last of the pot pie today. I tried to help her eat it, id try to stick my head in there, so she kept her food covered up while eating it, but I relly wanted some. But to be fair after each bowl she ate on this week shed let me finish off what was left. I gotted to licky the gravy and all. It was all the way good. and shes said shed make more soon and shes making biggie pots o stew and goulash and chili this weekend for the upcoming week, im gonna hafe to try to try some. And meowmy madedboiled cabbage and beans and it was stinky cooking an all but, there was cabbage she didn’t cook left over to give to the rabbits that come frew our yard. Wes like them. Theys our furriends.

Big ole butt Salem hasn’t gotten her but up out of the new cradle at all. She sleeps in it all the tyme. She has her blankie and her baby doll in there so there where she stays. Shes not a sharer. And sisfur said that at the yard sale they gotted the new cradle there was a kitty size beddy wiff pink comforter (kitty size) and a little brass headboard. Shes said she shouldve gotten it too ( soo boff of um, and is all kicking herself now. I feel like kicking her too. I fink im gonna hafe to start going along on the sales of yards and pointing out what I want and soupervising. Then ill come home and eat soup…..Bladeo


Anonymous said...

Oh all this talk of food makes us hungry. But our Mewomie does not like to cook. Can we come visit you?

THE ZOO said...

yous sure can.