Monday, October 30, 2006

This weekend

Ohhh little Piper here and its time to pay the Piper.
Ahhh but seriously folks…. I had a blasty weekend. It was grocery weekend so plenty of bags to play in. then on the Sunday meowmy maded biscuits and eggs and I ated a egg biscuit. It was gooood too. had one all to my little selph. They kept calling me biscuit head all day too. I Then for supper they haded piggyburger, hey is phat right (sisfur: no pip its was hamburgers) well same phang. And French fries. Don’t know why theyre called French fries. I never heard them speak. But I stole some fries and ated them. Theys good. I putted my paw on one ind to hold it and ripped eated it.
Then later awn last night I was playing wiff meowmy and she said I was hurting her wiff my claws and all and sisfur said no claws so I putted my claws up and kept playing. Then when I started being bitey sisfur said no teefies and so I quit that too. I gummed meowmy good though. They said I was a very smart poodie. then i went and gotted eeyore and went to bed to sleepytime.


Anonymous said...

Wow, burger and fries!

You are a very bright kitty to know about no-claws and no-teeth. Bubbles kinda knows about no-claws, but Mrs. B is ALL-teeth-&-claws.

Paw Path Cats said...

Sounds like you had a very yummy weekend! I love french fries but the humans don't let me have them anymore since I puke when I eat them (it's worth it, though, they're SO good!). I still try and steal them but haven't succeeded yet! Maybe you can teach me some tricks. - Bambi

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Gummy jaws. That's a good one. My humans favrit food is french fries. Yummy. We gots sausage from the pizza tonight coz it's Halloween and the humans didn't want to cook.
Happy Halloweeenie!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy Meow-lo-ween!

Junior said...

You had a busy weekend! You actually eat those fries? I just like to lick them!