Monday, November 27, 2006

Fanksgiving weekend.

We haded a good tyme. We gots lotsa table food and our own pieces of turkey then shutted in the living room whyle meowmy & sisfur ated in the dining room. Then the boy and his woman camed ofur and we all ascared hided round the house. They lefted and we camed out ageen. We basically laid around all weekend. Momma and sisfur aints all crazy getting up early afore the birdies to shop. They slept in. they feded the byrds & squirrels good and all. Ofur the weekend foe they cleaned the gutters, cutted the flowery bushes (crepe myrtles) washed the cars and mulched up the leaves. They gotted the owtside stuff done. Theys owtside for furever that day. They rested sunday and the boy camed back ofur wiff his woman and (boy is he crazy, hes a ruffneck) and watched the ppv wiff guys in underwear doing what we do all the tyme for free. And the paid for this. Theys all yelling at the tv and we stayed up until 10 pm and ated popcorn. Wes so happy theys back at werk now so we can rest good…..Salem


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving.

Sahara said...

Your own pieces of turkey? Yummy! Mom had prime rib this year so no treats for us.

LOKi said...

We got turkee too! I name Fangsgiving as un uf the best hollydays.