Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Squirral Time

Wes got a 10 pound container that holds cat, dog, bird etc food this weekend and have it by the back door with bird and squirrel food in it. We got it at Aldis for $5.00.
It has a spout on top to pour food out of.
Well we was sitting watching out the backdoor Sunday and momma came up and asked sisfur if she had left the spout open. She said no she hadn’t. We could’ve told her, the squirrel did it. He figured it out and was sitting there all morning right in front of us munching away.
Hes vury smart.

Also, to anyone surfing or blogging at work

Right click on the start key and click on explore.
In the Cookies File
Delete everything except INDEX.DAT file.
Do Not Delete the INDEX. DAT file.
Then Clean the internet thru the tools internet options.
Delete Files Cookies and Clear History.
And empty your Recyling Bin daily.

This doesn’t keep the boss from knowing what your doing but helps keep the sites you visit not as easily accessed. Makes it harder on them.
This also cleans out your computer and makes it run faster.

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Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh thats good advice!! I blog at work.. well I read blogs mostly!
Thanks for stopping my my page and for adding Sigmond's page too!!!!