Monday, November 06, 2006


Wes had a good weekend. They didn’t make any chick hen but we gotted some tacos. Piper the French fry eater stole some tato chips when theys eating cheezburgers and we did get some roast beef from the roast they made Sunday. Theys all crazy too.
Meowmy cleaned her room real good and wiped the walls down too. She also cleaned out our penthouse. Its in the top of her closet. She has old pillows up there wiff satiny pillow cases for us to lay on. And she moved the bed to vacuum and we played land shark on the mattress as they were propped up against the wall. And before mommy opened the windows shawn thawt it was opened and jumped and bounced back into the floor. Then she opened it and put him in it. We all toke turns getting in salems cradle. She didn’t like that.
And then we all went and licked the left ofur cornbread from the roast.
A good night had by all.


Daphne said...

Hey gang ~ I didn't get any tacos (I'm waay jealous here) but Not The Mama let me lick his McDonalds wrapper last night, until I started to eat the paper! Then he hid it under his lap blanket (oh yeah, like I didn't know it was there!!!)
He says we can only have kibbles since we're growing still, but that doesn't stop ME from tryin'

your friend,

The Famous Five said...

oooh - how do you play land shark on the mattress ?????
that sounds like a good new game for us to learn.

Rascal said...

Sounds like you have your Mom well trained.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

What an amazingly gud weekend. Yoo got yet penthowse cleaned up, got to laff at shawn and then shared sadies communal cradle!! Cud yoo ask fur anything bettur....ok, chick hen tacos wuld be the ultimate but thares not complaining