Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh Christmas tree

Yaaah we gotted a tree last yesterday. The beans gotted rid of the old one cause snowy had sprayed it so much and due to a lot of climbin the cords for the lights were all messed up. They putted this one in the living room cause it has a door that they keep shut. Wes allowed only supervised access. Raven loves the tree. She jumped on the box when it came in and has laid under it. She loved our last one too. The beans didn’t want to get a biggy tree acause theys still remodeling the living room.but this one was on sale for $40 at kmart and its 6 ½ foot and prelit. And the lights are never outs so if wes pull out a bulb or break a bulb the others stay lit. we loves the tree.
The beans is werking a bunch this munff to get overtime so we aint getting pets and cuddling time. But theys doin it to keep us up.
Also: Were very sorry for the loose of Mrs Libby Marie and sad for her pet Abby. At least she went in her own way under the tree at home. We bow our heads in purrs now.


Karen Jo said...

I'm glad that you got your Christmas tree. It's nice that this one has lights that you can't mess up. Have as much fun with it as your humans will allow.

icon baxter bentley said...

I am furry happy to hear about you getting a tree! I am so happy with mine too!
Your tree sounds so nice, but try try try not to climb it or spray it! (i know it is hard to resist!)

from your friend,

LOKi said...

I am furry happy wif my tree. It exists only fur me.