Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On Saturday afternoon Shawn was all asleep up on the dryer. He had a big puddle of drool coming from his mouth. Sisfur held his head up and wiped it away. He sat up and as she walked of he grabbed her shirt sleeve and snatched her back to him and bited her on the elbow two times.
And then later on he was sitting in the meowmas room eating crunchies and sisfur went to get him out to shut meowmas door since meowma was asleep and she put hi in front of the crunchie bowl in her room. She went into the kitchen and camed back and he was back in meowmas room. He had opened the door and wented in.(he knows how to open doors) and sat looking out at sisfur daring her to take him out again. He was still mad at her from earlier. He normally sleeps in sisfurs bed but slept wiff meowma that night. He forgave her the next day.


Junior said...

Sounds like Shawn knows where he wants to be.

Catzee said...

Shawn is furry smart. Does him give door openin' lessons????

THE ZOO said...

he learned this behaviour from (resident bad boy who does what he wants) Me Blade. you have to be all long and stretch up high to the knobby and lean you weight against the door whyle werking the knob. if yoo get it just ryt this werks. or do like snowy does and stretch up and smacky the knob until the beans are tired of it and let yooo in.