Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Lights

JD & Gus Woofers here:

We gotted to go luk at the lites krismaus eve and we loooked and looked. there was this one disturbing site, we saw Santa dancing in the street to Run Run Rudolph. he waved at us and we went woof woof woof back at him. we woofed it up gud. he nue not to get to close to owr car. then we gotted tired and laid down, then we wented home. we told the home bownd poodies of owr venture as they gathered rownd. and wes was excited an scared that santa was later on in owr houze and we didnt hear him. he left us nue colars for the nue yer. that was nice of him sence we woofed at im earlier.


Suzanne & her mama said...

thanks for the visits and comments! it's good to make new friends.

if santa ever comes to our house, we all know where he'd find me: UNDER THE BED! lololololol


Faz the Cat said...

Dogs like travelling in cars and woofing at things. I don't think cats like it so much - I don't - it usually means a trip to the ... I don't want to say the word but it begins with 'V'.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Happy New Year to everyone here. We don't like riding in cars too much. It's good that you went home and told the others what was going on out there!

China Cat & Willow