Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grrrate Stury

Oh boy. I has a grrrate stury to tail. When the momma & sissys at werk, wes not to answer the phone. But wes has caller id an when I saw it comed up wiff sissys werk name I answered it. It was sissy. I was all hello hello whats goin on. And she said that theys has mice in there werk cause theys in a new building next to a field. Its been a lot o screammin there she said, but she told them to not be mean to the mousie. They was told not to keep fud at their desks. Well sissy she no listened and lefted a package of cheesy crackers wiff peanut butter on them that she furgot bowt in her drawer. She opened it today to get her m & ms owt (theyre in a very hard shell plastic container..sissy) and saw the crackers had been muncheyd on. She laughed showed some cowerkers and frew them owt, then had to clean the drawer…..the end….Snowy


Forty Paws said...

That is a grrrate stury!!! Gud ting she dint eat da crackers.

Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

I wish you could go to work with her. Think of all the fun you could have with those mousies.

daniel s. said...

Sound like a couple of you should go to work with her for a while.

Bringing a couple busy active kitties in every day should cut down on the mouse population. :)


Skeeter & LC said...

Yah, The Big Thing says they had to make a RULE in his away from home place about no food in "desks". He says no one could tell what they would find in the deskes otherwise.