Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alert Cat Needs a Home

This was posted on Beaus blog Anybody in Nashville please help out. We live in Nashville but are at our limit with 16 cats.

ALERT: If you knows of anybody in or near tha NASHVILLE area who could take a 7-month old solid black male kitten - all shots, to be neutered first of next week - get in touch wif Beau or Mommie Cathy ASAP. Him’s owner, Jesse, haf till tha end of the month ta finds him a home ’cause of an evil landlord.
Kitten NEEEEDS a Home!!!
ALERT: Nashville TN area
Jesse Morgan, the owner of a healthy, adorable 7-month old solid black male kitten - all shots, great health, to be neutered first of next week - has till the end of the month to find him a home. Details are in the email below:
I encountered, and ultimately spoke in depth with, a woman at Walgreens today (1/17/07) who needs our help. Her name is Jesse Morgan and she lives here in Nashville. She has a 7 month old, solid black kitten, male, had its shots already, and is scheduled for a neutering first of next week. However, her new landlord is making her give it up by the end of this month. She has checked with every agency here (I checked), gone through all her friends and their friends, and now is desperate to find a home for him by the end of this month. It is literally killing her to think she may have to have it put down. (She was VERY emotional talking about it in the store.) If you know ANYONE that might be able to foster/adopt him, please contact me asap. At the very least please pass this on and pray it finds a forever home. Thanks!!
If you can help or know of anyone in that area, please contact one of the following and they will contact me (my email is down): HotMBC; Kat'sKat; Mr.Hendrix; Oreo; or Missy&K.C., or leave a comment at Seventh Heaven or The Cat Blogosphere, where this information is also posted. Thank you in advance.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

PS Sanjee is going to call Cathy, Beau's mommy to get the number for you. I also forwarded your comment messages to her (just in case my other "comment" didn't save - Macs can be weird with blogger)

Junior said...

I am so sorry to hear of this! Nasty bean manager! Meowm and I will purray for this baby to find a good loving home!

Tara said...

I am keeping my paws crossed too! Tara

THE ZOO said...

My co worker Jesi is goin to go see him this afternoon. I hope its a love connection and she loves him.

Muddy said...

Wow -- I am in Huntsville, about 110 miles south of you. We are at our cat limit of 3 in a tiny house, but we will keep our eyes open.

THE ZOO said...

Jesi took the Kitty. yaaaa.