Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the V E T

I haded to go to the eveil v e t Saturday acause Is been hafing sum ear isues. The back my ears been a mees fur a monf. Sissy tryd putin neo spores in on it but that didn werk. So then its been per oxs side. That werked but then my ears was all bad again. It was bleedn an all. So I wented to the v e t. ive not been owt the howse since I muved in 3 years ago cept that tyme I got owt an was runnin arown. That only lasted 30 minutes. I was cawt again wiff HAM. Just like when Is furst cawt. I was bery bery scared. I didn know where Is goin. So when we goes in sissy smelt sumefing. She tuk me to the baffrum and I had pooped in the carrier bag. I haded to be cleaned afore I kud go see the v e t an the bag too. But I won acasue while sissy was cleanin me I planted a paw rite on her cest that was poopy. I finl she was gonna dy. She wiped her shurt a best she kud and cleaned me again paws an all. The we saw the dr. she violated me but just bearly. The thermometer barey had to go in. and now Is on medicine fur the next 10 days. Drops in my ears. And she gotted eaar drops fur mites so ifid the offur cats start shakin their heds they get it too. But I have my own cause I gotted not mites but sumfing else. Sissy haded to go rite home wiff me cause her shurt an all. I was so happy to be home. Now the roomer is that I gots to go back and have my goodie sack taken away next munf. Oh boy….Flair

Sneak Attack

Sissy now has new glasses and she gotted the cat eye style. She went to get salem owt of owr office yesterday and salem went whap whap real hard on sissy and cutted her nose up gud. If sissy hadn’t had her glasses on salem mitve got an eye when smacking. Salem was upset abowt the glasses she said. She ran off sayin sumfing bout not to hate her cause sissy aint her. She said quit trying to copy her felineness. She pologized later wiff headbutts an kisses. Has we said salems a little crazy….Snow


Tara said...

I have to remember that trick with the shirt..a good one! I go in next week for my "operation". I don't have a goodie sack, mine are all internal. I'm still worring about the food thing...


Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Ha, ha, That poopy paw is priceless. Hope your earsies feel better soon.