Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hi Fellow Poodies

HI fellow poodies. Wes had an xcitin coupla days here. Furst we had Stevie wanted to get to go into the office so bad he was being bad. It’s a treat to get to get to go in there or a punishment. That doors mainly kept closed. But he was frowing a fit and beatin up all the offur poods so he got put in and he was happy. Then sissy came in and played crochet fetch wiff his crochet discs. He was in heaven.
Fen Blade needed some ear medicine put in his ear cause it was boffuring hym. Sissy haded him and put him in the baffrum and shutted the door so she could see sumfing quik on the tv. Rocky and Benoit were already in there. He hates a shut door and started thumpin it. Then we alls hurd somepoodie screaming and she wented running in there and bladey haded benny and was smakin and pulling/biting bennys hair owt. Bennys hair was all ofur the baffrum. And he kept holding benny fitin until he was picked up and pulled off. He gotted a stern talking to a spanking on the butt (2 swats) and his ear meds he needed. He was all mad like fur awhile after.
Owr woofer JD goted fixed last weekend and his teef cleaned and they haded to pull a cracked toff. He was mad at the beans all weekend. He wouldn’t respond to his name or nuffin. And he hasta go back this munday to have the stitches were his goody sack was removed. None of the boy poodies nor owr woofer Malcolm (RIP) haded any stitches.

And wes extend or sympathy to Wiliam and his family at the lose of Eddie.


Kimo & Sabi said...

Wow - that is a lotta stuff happenin at yer house!

Junior said...

Lots of excitement in your place. I don't blame the woofie...I would be mad too!