Tuesday, February 27, 2007

His all. hows eferypoodie?? hopes all is well. well i must tell yoo all im just sick. ive had it up to here wiff my bean sisfur. she lefted fur werk today and i getted shut int he baffrum closet by accident (yeah rite) woman put yur glasses on. well so ver i was until meowma gotted um then she letted me owt and waited fur sissy to go luk at the closet and streten it p. i was on all the shelves nokin stuff ofur and off the shelves the the flur below. sissy saided all washrags neededto be washed.
but they tehn camed hum later frum a trip the green wall place wiff an indoor tree (fern: sissy) and i tried to climb it an chew on it. it was real gud taasty. and she putted mirrors on the wall ahind the plant and i culd admire my prowess in the mirror but then she tuked to sprayin me wiff water to make me stay away frum it. but its too tempting.
wes gotted owr autograph of Oreo today and hes a handsum boy the gurl kitties say. fanks Heather (oreos mom)....Baby


Oreo said...

Wut a day! Wow. You muss me zausted. I is furry glad you liked yore pictor! Fanks for gettin one. We preciate it furry much.
You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked it & thank YOU!

Eric and Flynn said...

Why did thay spray yoo wiv water. Don't thay know dat leevs are furr chooing?

LOis said...

Yu had a gude day compard to me. Mama kept steelin my blud all day n DEN, de hoomins tooked me to de V*T!!! She stoled more of my blud n even sum pee n poked me in de eyes n squeezed my tummy.
I haz died beeties n my shugars aynt gud, so I needed a werk up. V*tty sez my kidnies are showin sum age, but I am mostly kinda OK. De slaves haf to git my blud shugars right B4 de v*tty wants to do sumpin else. I am gittin werser cateracks, too.

BUT - I am 17 n it is to be expected. Mama dont ever want me to go to de Brij, but we know I will go sumday. I jes hope not fer anuver 17 yrs kuz I dont fink my hoomins cood survive wifout me.

I hope we bof haf better days.

Luff, LOis