Monday, March 26, 2007

Bun Bun Multiplied

Wes always assumed we only had 1 bunny in the nayburhud but we has mure then that we know now. When momma was owtside chewing the grass with the loud monster satuday owr naybur was doing the same to his yard. Momma saw him stop and he was lukin rownd fur a box. Momma asked whats goin on. He said it was a nest of baby buns arownd his tree. Momma went and gotted owr smallest carrier (it holds only 1 kitty. A kitty shoulder bag.). they put the babys in it and he moved the nest resumed mowing then put the nest back and they put the babys back in the nest. It was all the way egsiten. We wouldn’t mind havin them as pets but momma said no. durn.

Then momma was runnin wiff jd in the freshly mowed backyard and kicked his big ball over the fence by accident to the mean nayburs yard. Sissy waited until the next murning to sneak ofur and getted it once she left. Took the woman long enuff to leave her howse.
Gussie was owtside snapping at owr carpenter bees (I nefur see them build anyfing though) cause they was tryin to intimidate him. He wasn’t hafing it.


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh that wuz exciting. We haf lots of big bunnies in owr feelds, but we hafn't seen enny baby bunnies furr neerly a yeer. We like to stalk them, but mum sez we mustn't.

Boy said...

More wabbits!!!