Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hi poodies. We wants to wish Ms. Mille a Happy Furst Purrthday.

Raven here. Werds goin rownd fis weekend is groomin weekend fur us long hairs. I admit it. My hair gettin a little tangley and as a plus size gurl its kinda hard to get to the rear area fur cleaning so its good they taked the hair off back there. I look so clean when I'm done. Im a purrty gud gurl bowt it but Ms. Molly fows a fit efery tyme. Wes alitte happy now. Momma was home wiff us free days fis week plus the weekend and sissys gonna be home all days from next furrsday frew teh next tuesday. its cause its her 31st purrthday. You know what she got as a purresent fur her 30th. Food Poisoning. Fats rits. and on chick hen. owr favorite fing to eat. she has 4 weeks acation fis year so shes gonna stay home wiff us.Bye fur now.....Rey Rey


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh dear, grooming weekend? That sounds ominous. I suppose that it is important to a kitty's health to be well groomed and the floofier ones of us need help. So, I say let the beans groom and then get lotsa treats!
oooo extra mommy time and a birthday! that sounds great. i hopes this year goes better for your mommy.

Boy said...

But wots of tweats after that may be a fair exchange.