Sunday, April 08, 2007

welps we maded it frew anofur weekend of the beans bein home, theys keeps us frum all owrs sleeps. but amorw night wes has the plumer comin so tat meens we has to be shut in owr rum while hes here. we liked owr rum and all but bei shut in is all the way bad. we haded sum citment acause friday wes had flurries. in april. in tennessee. it was aciten. but it didnt sticked arownd.
we saw on the news of a fire in a FL humane society and 2 woofers and most of the cats died. we bows owr heds in purrayers for the pets that died. Purr to Bast.

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Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yeah, it's cul to have yer own room but not to be trapped in thare! If yoo werk hard enuff at scratching the door it mite opun! Hope that happens to yoo all!!!

And the hyoomayne societie story was soooo sad. Owr harts go owt to the animuls who lost thare lives and thowse who have no fourevur AND no tempurarie home! Purrrrrrrrs to them all!