Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what not to eat

JD lufs his meeces to peices

sissy gitted all upset at us yesterday. owr woofer JD tried to eat one of owr field mices. it really fought hard and scrambled around to get free. at one point it was airborn. it got away. then he gotted nagged at for an hour. sissy said we only eat whats dead and cooked.
then we had a tumblebug get in. theys hard shelled bugs that crawl and fly and are only out at night. i tried to help her catch it and she gitted mad when she heard "crunch" and git it outa my mouff and frew it outside....Blade


Suzanne said...

sounds like you're hungry. no bugs, no live mousies. what's a kitty to eat?

i know...temptations!


The Little Pink Pig said...

Oh my, why are the snack-treats there if you aren't allowed to have any? What a tease!

Karen Jo said...

Poor JD. It's so hard when your hard-won prey is taken away. Good bug hunting.

Skeeter & LC said...

We like buggies. Mothies specially but any little thing that flaps around is fun. The little fast flies are most fun. We seldom catch them outside but they are good practice!

Boy said...

Oh no! bugs!!!
Are you sure they're nice to eat?