Sunday, June 24, 2007

the beans took the pups on a sunday drive today and they went to aldis an got a bunch of bread (for feeding the birds, squirrals ducks and geeses) and wendys to get something to eat. the boys got to go for several walks this weekend and wanted to go owt to lunch. they took them to the park like area to see the animals. there were no animals out today for some reason., then they went by another area to see if theres any animals there and nope but for the fishies. it was a pond next to sissys old werk were there normally lots of geeses and ducks. gussie was ready to jump in after the fishes. he wanted them. theys is biggie koi thats several years old. then he went by the building and saw the most beautiful dog he has ever seen and ran to it wagging his tail and boinked his head, it was his reflection in the glass of the building. silly pup.


caricature said...

lol ~ I think only elephants can recognize their reflection in the mirror ~ as studies now - though dogs are equally intelligent i think!

Shilgiah the Cat said...

How come you kitties don't get to go out on leashes like the pups.

I really like dogs but Tommy really hates them. Probably, I had more good experiences with dogs than he.