Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hi all.
we gaved up on the sonic kitty. owr beans drove up there eferyday lastweek and this and aint seen no signs of him so wes hopin he has a home or fownded a home in the howses behind the sonic.
and efen though bun bun is ded wes saw 2 bunnies in owr yard this week. so were glad for that.
and we has a cuuute chipmunk in owr yard too.
sissy was takin owr recycling owt one murning this week and an older lady pushing her granddaughter in a stroller stopped and told her how purrtty we all was. she said she walks her granddaughter eferyday and her granddaughter lufs kitties an has a stuffed one and said they liked to luk at us in the window. she said owr flowers are purrty too. the main window we luk owt is ofur the flower box. we sit there all day and watch the bunnies and squirrals and chipmunks and birdies.
owr beans went yard saling today and only spent a dollar but theys camed home wiff a brand new (wiff tags still on them) toys. w got a camoflage bed and a blue pop up tent. it luks like a peeps camping tent but kitty size. they was only 50 cents each. whut a bargain and wes lufs them. we get in the camoflage bed and disappear acause its camoflage. thats lik majic or sumfing. we already has a taco tent like skeezix and a blue and red square tent so now we has free tents. yaaaa.
oh and owr squirral is squrrally. he wanted some peanuts and there was none owt so he got on the owtside shef and tore the baggy open and got them for himself. there was 3 bags owt there and siss went to go put him some owt and found only 2 bags and the third was next to the tree so he mustve dropped it on his way to his tree home. hes a thief we say.


Hot(M)BC said...

It sounds like lotsa fun wif all the critters yall have. Yore cammyflage bed sounds nifty too.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

caricature said...

so many animals indeed! must be fun :)

Fi Fi said...

Sounds like your having loads of fun! I'm with you in spirit.

Karen Jo said...

I think your squirrel is very smart. You will have to watch out for that one. Three tents is great. The camoflage bed sounds great, too.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could see some bunnies and chipmunk.

lordjaders said...

You rrreally sound like a zoo--how fun...I laughed and laughed about the thiefiness!!! Thank you forrr visiting my new bloggie.