Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi all. wes had a gud weekend and hope eferone else had a gud weekend too. weve been crackin the whip on the beans to update the links list. we did add Cats Lovers site to owr links. she had to add them twice, she furgot to save them the furst time.
The beans saved a turtle this weekend. it was crawling into the street at a 4 way stop to get to the wooded area 2 sides away. sissy gotted outa the car and momma told her to carry it to the wooded area and pointed him in the right way deeper into the woods. it pulled its head in when she held him and kicked his lega and arms alot.
the beans also maded some curtains this weekend for the bedrooms bathroom kitchen and laundry rums. we helped alot. bladey smacked and drooled on the curtains and baby knocked the ironing board ofur and got sprayed alot wiff water for helping so much. ivory sat on top the fridge and pointed out where to hook the curtains ofur the sink.
we was watching wrestling "raw" last monday and gussie the dog sat in fromt dancin when Dusty Rhodes came on and he said his new name is gusty rhodes (were all named after wrestlers) he said "cause hes a common dog doin the best he can" and hes an "ammmmerican dreaaam" hes silly. so wes been callin him gusty all week.
we will be adding alot more links in the comin weeks. sissy and momas on baycashun in 2 weeks so they can do it then......The Rock, Can you smell whuts Im cookin


Midgiesmom's Kids said...

We brake for turtles at our house too. Especially when it rains, which is when turtles like to go walking in our neck of the woods.
We musta saved a gillion of em from bein' squished so far. Yeah, we have.

caricature said...

So nice of you to pick up the turtle from the road and show it the right direction ~ I wonder who is named after triple h in the family... :)

THE ZOO said...

hey omer we has a hunter. hes my younger tuxie brofur.
cat fancier, this is owr furst turtle wes seen rownd here