Friday, June 22, 2007

we decided to do a blog abowt owr names. wes all named after wrestlers except Salem and Blade. And Acourse the woofers.

The woofers:

J.D. :He was named after the dog on Dead Like me" because the beans didnt want to give him a wrestling name and get attached because they were just fostering him until they did decide to keep him. It means Just Dog.

Gussie: His previous old woman named him and her kids didnt want him after she went into a nursing home. He says his wrestling name is "Gusty Rhodes" and hes a big as Dusty is.

Us Cats:

Salem: She was named after the cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She was meant to be named Gizmo but Sissy forgot. She has the attitude he had.

Snow: He was named after wrestler Al Snow and he is white too except his head and tail are blacky/grey.

Blade: Because I sliced and diced the momma the furst time she tride to catch me I was named after the vampire Blade because he like blood too. I was named before they got me home. It took several months before they got me fur good.

Shawn: This boy tried to jump owt the window on his way home in the car and hit the window and slid down. Sssy said he wouldve broken her heart. Also because of the crazy jumping he was named after Shwan Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid.

Rocky: As there were 3 kittens together they wanted them to all be named afdter star wrestlers. Rocky wasnamed after The Rock. Rocky was the most feminine name of all the top stars at the time.

Stevie: The beans couldnt tell if he was a boy or a gurl and they theought stevie because stevie could be a boy or gurl name too but they were happpy he turned out to be a boy because he was an awkward lukin gurl. Hes named after Steve Austin.

Hunter & Chyna: twins that came in at the same time and they got the top duos name. Course the duo broke up later but these two luf their names. Hunter is named after Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) and Chyna (course owr gurl is more together emothionally then her counterpoint). Owr Chyna is tuff but fragile as china is. She lufs to be lufd.

Benoit: We lufed Chris Benoits name and hes owr favorite wrestler. and owr Benny is as beautiful as his name.

Molly & Ivory: two twin gurls came in at the same time and they needed gurly names. Molly is named after Mighty Molly Holly. She wants a pink cape too. Ivory is the tuffest female wrestler arownd and owr Ivory is tuff too.

Raven: A big gurly gurl she has RVDs personality but we couldnt give her RVD as a name. Shes a "duuuude" type of gurl. But we lufed the name Raven and hes tuff as nails and Rey Rey is too. Her nicknames after Rey Mysterio because she was so little when we got her.

Baby: his legal nema iss Hurricane after the wrestler but we thought that was too long to to hollar across the room and as he was the youngest at the time he gets called Baby or Bitty Baby.

Piper, Flair and Angle: We were named after Rowdy Roddy, Rick Flair and Kurt Angle because Piper is rowdy, Flair is a showboat and Kurt Angle tuff as nails and so is Little Angle. Flairs nickname is Peeper because he peeps when he talks.

Well fanks for listin to the story on owr names. Yep theys alot of us but wes happy and takin care of. Owr beans is crazy but they lufs us.



caricature said...

Wow - u've covered lots of wrestlers in ur names - u must be inducted now into (cat)wrestling hall of fame!

Reem said...

Salem is an Arabic name, meaning 'safe'.

Reem said...

Salem is an Arabic name, meaning 'safe'.

THE ZOO said...

no wonder salems so self assured then. we didnt know that. wait until she hears she got a good name.

Kelly Cat's vacationing human said...

I know what you mean when you wrote about J.D. Many years ago, I took care of a stray cat, and called it "Gato".

All your cats should be able to take care of themselves, since they're named after big tough guys!