Thursday, June 28, 2007

We just recently heard Kukkas gonna quit blogging as of Friday. we just want her to know we appreciate her and her hilarious blog for the past year that weve been reading it. Sissy always tells us what Kukka & Brach do each day. We will miss you Kukka.

We had our deck removed this past weekend (yeah the sme deck sissys leg fell thru this past winter) and are waiting for the tree to be removed before we ge our patio installed. It took the guys 2 days to remove the deck and we had half the deck left saturday night and the beans & dogs went out on it to walk the boys and one set of steps was left (on the side torn down) but it was not attahed to anything. well the boys is used to comin up that side and jd was trying his hardest to get back to the beans on the deck and couldnt figure out to go to the other steps. we climbed up those steps and almst fell. Sissy had to go get his.


caricature said...

Hi there ~

Don't forget to check out the changes to the cat blog and take part in the new daily quiz!

INAMINI said...

Wow, wut eksitement! We hope your new patio is dun soon so you enjoy it!

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