Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi we hope eferybody had a grate and safe 4th of July. We staid in and watched the fireworks on TV.
Owr sissy tried to get owr water jug that gives us continuous fresh water. Well Bladey discovered it back out and sat studying it then got to the splashing so back up it went. We're back to the water bowls in the sink again. durn. That ole boy is crazy. Rocky ated some cake today and got it all ofer her whiskers. Stevie was sittin on the bed this murnin and when the sissy went walkin by he jumped up and on her. she was surprised but cawt him. thats a pattern wiff those 3 the triplets (shawn, rocky and stevie) rocky does it all the time. the beans are always prepared to catch a cat fling off somefing at them....Snowy


Fi Fi said...

I stayed in myself last night. But I will tell you it sounded like the world was coming to an end outside. Doesn't anyone have respect for the kitties?

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Hope you all had a safe Fourth of July. I spent the evening under mom's bed and Tommy spend the evening freaking out.

Wish we had had cake like Rocky. Mmmm.

Skeeter & LC said...

Ooh, we know about splashin out the "never-endin water bowl". LC is just crazy for seein the little bubbly creatures in it, so she sits an splashes out the water until they appear.

The Big Thing took it away once, but he put it in the "shower" an the water drains away. He has to refill it lots, but doesn't mind much.