Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kitty Fyte

oh boy us kittoes was all relaxed layin arownd (i was taking my evening nap) and the momma hurd a kitty growling lowd. sissy and us offur cats folloed the sownd until she came to mommas rum and saw salem on the perch (lukin owt her window) lukin at the bed. sissy luked an saw stevie and snowy fyten. stevie had somefing haning frum his hed and near his eye. they stopped when sissy went in. it wasnt too bad a fyt. stevie was posturing and growling tryin to nintymadat snowy and snowy a tuff one who wont bak down. sissy piked stevie up and tuk him to the baffrum to was what she fowt was puss ( she fowt his eye was cut and leakin (mommas rum was dark when she went in there she says) and thats when she fownd oet it wasnt puss but 2 kitty nail shealths bouf near his eye, one was almost in his eye. the beans think it was just 2 boys fytin an nffin serious. stevie never fyts he struts and postures and luks lyk a crabkitty and that skers the offur cats but they fink snowy wasnt hafing in since hes the Alpha Male Kitty. they was fine and layin near each offur again seferal hours later. stevie enjoyed bein fussed ofur....Bladeo


INAMINI said...

Oh my! That sowns aweful! We hope he heels soon.

Daisy said...

That sounds like a very very scary fight. Next time I have a fight, I am going to try and leave some nail sheaths behind, too. Because that's cool!

jaffeboy said...

Thank you Thank you for your burpday wishes! I had lots of treats, which is just pawfect!