Sunday, July 15, 2007

we're baaaack

oh boy owr internet went down last friday and weve been internetless since. its been bowt enuff to kill us. we got it back via ethernet (we was usb before) and its soooo much faster. owr old puters still gud but the usb died adn owr puters a 2000 model so it didnt haf ethernet.

we miseed gettin to aport that when the beans went shopin last weekend the made shure the back storm door was locked and pushed the wood door shut and locked it but theys furgot to look down and ben ben was shut between the doors fur 2 hours. boy he was upset.
then molly & raven and the 2 pups gotted groomed and then again yesterday and we all gotted flead. we was all maaad at them. ben ben ahaved the best f all. the rest of us frew fits.

and salem was up in the closet penthouse last nite an went to jump down on the bed and didnt make it. she fell.


Daisy said...

Oh, I am sorry you had some bad things happen in the last few days. I sure am glad your innernets are back.

The Cat Realm said...

Ben, those beans deserve a really good hard bite for what they did to you!

INAMINI said...

All that doesn't sownd furry fun. We're glad to heer yoo survived!