Friday, August 03, 2007

we will be offline for a couple days while the beans buys a new puter and hooks it up. the bean gurl is lazy. always lukin to have a layabout. she must thinks she a cats our something.
thought wed lleave you wiff a few pics for a couple days.

this is owr wheel of fun. sissy just had to buy it. we fink she likes kitty toys more than us. sissy tuk a pet day (she calls it bay ca shun) but we know it was a pet day. she did a focus group to buy us more toys. she now says we has too many an no mores for a while. well we'll see.
and this is me, Rey Rey, checkin owt our pup tent when we furst got it. Blades claimed it as his own now.....Rey Rey out


Anonymous said...

Cool toys your lucky.You can never have to many :)

Gemini said...

The wheel of fun looks just that. Wherever did you find it?

THE ZOO said...

we gotted the wheel of fun at target but so far only blades really played in it....rey rey

Fox's Mom said...

I got caught the other night checking on cat and dog blogs, but it worked out OK 'coz I showed my People yer toys and she said she's gonna get me at least a tent and a screenroom, and maybe a stroller like Daisy's so I can go outside.

Thanks, Zoo!


Eric and Flynn said...

That wheel looks like good fun. We haf nefurr seen anyfing like it befurr. Hope efurryfing goes ok wiv the new compooter.

Karen Jo said...

I hope your new computer works really good for you. Your wheel looks like lots of fun. Oh, and you can never have too many toys.

Boy said...

You guys have such cool toys!

The Cat Realm said...

I Dare you...!
Come on over and check it out.
from The Cat Realm