Sunday, August 05, 2007

girl girl

were back wiff the new puter. only tuk 1 trip back to the store (for the cd rom power cord inside to be attached) and at 1 time we had 3 puters on the desk. now we has soooo much rum to lay beside the puter while we dictate to the beans.

wes been challenged by anastasia and karl to show one of the not of our species furrinds. since we has woofers and kitties blogging from here we chose one blogger for each species.

furst from the cats is Bean the Pitbull shes a gud gurl pitbull hoos her parents baby and had knee replacement surgery a couple of months ago. we lyk her and read her all the tyme.

and the doggies select Girl Girl a hamterrier. she is an honerary doggie but is a hamster. Her brofur Fu Fu just died earlier this year.
We hope neither mind us using the pics from their blogs. If they do let us know an we'll remove them.


Gemini said...

Oh my, you had time to find all those new friends too! You are very good at that. I am still looking (but doggies scare me!)

The Cat Realm said...

What wonderful friends you found! Bean is such a beauty, and Girl Girl looks like a really funny little hamster!
Thank you so much for accepting the Dare, I really appreciate it!
We blogrolled your new friends and will visit!
I think it is wonderful to have friends from all kinds of species - a lot to learn from each other!
Thank you for doing this!
Your friend Karl

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Thanks for picking me. :)
It's nice to know friends from different species. ;)

~ girl girl

Boy said...

Wow! I've yet to get in touch with mine NOMSS fwiend yet.
I better get going!

watgog said...

I like your blog. It looks like you have a lot of different kinds of friends like I do.

Karen Jo said...

You picked some great NOMSS friends. Bean is a very good-looking dog and Girl Girl looks like she is a lot of fun.