Saturday, September 29, 2007

Laundry Day

A busy day. laundry day. I, Raven, had to help with stripping the beds. It was hard werk. Ghosties was all in the sheets gettin me when the sheets was cumin up.

I, Ivory, had to help wiff the sortin. I was a big help. Then I asked for sum treets for my hard werk.

Me, Shawny, gettin the machines ready. I lays on the dryer while its on. I lyk to drool in my sleep.
One time , Sissy wiped my mouff of my drool. I was sooo mad I snagged her elbow and pulled her back to me, then I bit her.

We was all such gud helpers, then, we tuk a nap.


TT said...

That looks likes you all's had fun helpings with laundry.

Thank you's for my gotcha birthday wishes.

Cheysuli said...

It looks like your human had you all working. What was left for her to do?

Skeeter And LC said...

It takes gud helpers wit the laundry. Your Beins are lucky to have your help!

Skeeter and LC

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Thank you dearest friends for loving me so very much and sending me your healing purrrrs and purayers. I have eaten my dinner and drank some water. Mommy puts me in my litterbox and I go pee, then I scratch the carpet and headbunk her. I purrr as she puts me back into the frying pan. I hope she still likes me after I put a hole in her thumb...she should be faster with that pill thing!
Love Peachy

Daisy said...

You are all good helpers. Laundry is hard work!

Sunny's Mommy said...

LOL These pictures are so funny, and cute!

katztales said...

Great cats! Laundry day is the sort of fun Au enjoys too. Also bedmaking.