Thursday, January 31, 2008

Repost from last year about taxes on IRS website.

Just a little help for all the beans. with tax season rolling around i wanted to share this website as an easy and cheap way to do your own taxes. It is called Its completly free if you do standard, and easy just plugging numbers in. I just got my w2 yesterday and processed it thru last night and should have my refund direct deposited by next weekend. i know we are all money tight and this helps save the cost of going to the tax places. its identical to what they do and so easy….Zoo Sissy

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

Lucky you! My human's taxes are so complicated that we definitely need someone else to do them--even turbo tax is not good enough!

snowforest said...

Hope u get it all sorted out!
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Halloween said...

A cat who owes taxes? Do your beans pay you for being a cat??? I think I have missed the boat these last 16 years. But maybe not. Is there a cat IRS? I hope not!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

My bean wants to know if it's identical to what she does, does it also answer phone and field stoopid tacks questions?

Shilgiah the Cat said...

My mom sometimes says bad words when it's tax time. It's very taxing on our little ears! Hahahahaha.