Monday, June 09, 2008

we fownd this website from Stifler and tha pups wanted ta be Johnny Depp from tha Pirates of tha Caribean mofie. they thawt they wuz kul.


Asta said...

You makesome vewy cool piwates..and it covews any bad haiw pwoblems too..Ishould twy it
smoochie kisses

Black Cat said...

You do look very cool - but a bit, well, scary too!

Love the new floor. I'd like to get rid of my manky old carpet too:) xxx

Anonymous said...

You both look tough and cool, you ol' seadogs! ;-)

We3Katz said...

U tu look quite skeery...I thinkz Pandi jist went under the couch again!

Thankz fur stoppin in!

Mickey said...

You two make pretty good pirates :)
Purrs Mickey