Monday, October 06, 2008

My Crochet

see my crochet(red and whyte next to me). i lyks these. i gotted started when i was a weee kitten and owr granny lifed here wiff us. she crochets. i wuz her kitten. i slept wiff her efery nylte. she made sum crochet clown dollies and made a WHOLE ag of crochet cuffs fur their hands. it wuz a circle wiff a whole in the middle fur their hands. i got in tha bag one nyte and it wuz no turnin back. she let me hafe sum. that wuz 8 years ago and shes sinnce passed on to the Bridge. my beans can barley crochet and not circle so they find any small crochet pieces at yard sales. all my crochets i play fetch wiff and rub on me face. i can do twist and high jumps when i feel better, not now. we life in an old people nayburhud so they find crochet alot. they tried to pay a gurl ta do it once but she didnt understand exactly whut i wanted. but i hafe a small stockpile...stevie


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is always very important to find exactly what it is that you like. I am glad your people worked so hard to get it!

Mickey said...

Hi Stevie. It sounds like it's a good thing you have a stockpile of those cuffs! Have lots of fun with them :)
Purrs Mickey

DEBRA said...

Hi Stevie it's good that you have a whole bunch of those crochetey fings to play with!


Sunny's Mommy said...

I think that's very sweet that your crochets are so special to you :-)

Anita said...

Hi Stevie,

How is your eye? I hope you get well soon.


Tesla said...

When iz yoor purfdeh little kitteh! Yoo jus like circle crochets? Meh mom bean saz, she can make one if dat wat yoo like. :)

The Crew said...

That crochet is very cool. I will ask Mom to make me one.

Your friend

GRRRETA said...

That looks like fun! I bet we would like playing with crochet pieces too. We'll have to ask mommy to get us some.