Wednesday, June 09, 2010


we pups hafe ta get harnesses before we go back ta tha groomers at petsmart. we really embarrassed tha beans. we were leafing and i slipped my collar off and ran fur tha doors. then running after me wiff sissy jd slipped collar his off too. tha manager ran ta try ta lock tha automatic doors but i slipped thru. i ran ta tha parking lot wiff jd behind me. we ran arownd wiff tha beans and employees chasing us. we ran fur owr car (beans say it wuz smart ta be able ta pick owt owr car in tha lot). momma wuz at tha door since she wuz behind us when all this happened. she clicked tha doors, sissy held tha back open yelling fur us ta get in. we did. we just really really wanted ta go home. then they went back in ta pay. eferyone wuz breathing heavy (thayre all owt of shape).

this iz tha 3rd tyme this has happened ta sissy. once wuz wiff jd and tha pup before me i nefur met, Gus at christmas tyme one year. then jd once last summer before i came here and this tyme wiff me and jd. she iz sooo embarrassed. so she has decided ta stop this that she iz getting us a harness each ta wear when we go owt. we cant slip owt of them.

they said itz a miracle we gotted cawt and too not hit by any cars or ran away.....Carlie


Brian said...

Oh my yes, y'all need to be really careful...that could really end not too good. Just chill out and have a bone or two instead!

The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! Well, we're so glad you guys were able to pick our your own car in the parking lot! So smart!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Too khlose fur khomfurt BUT I so understand ;-)