Thursday, July 08, 2010

gud helper

I hafe been helpin tha beans. tha beans putted wallpaper up in tha main baff 10 years ago. i decided it wuz tyme ta take it down and paint. it wuz my decorating decision. i hafe been stripping tha paper a little efery tyme im up thar drinking. now, beans hafe been busy since yesterday taking tha wallpaper down. theyre making a mess in my baffrum. theyre hopin tha get it done painted this weekend. theyve had tha bucket of paint fur a while. stripping wallpaper is messy. btw...a tip. beans hafe tried eferything and realized tha best way ta strip tha backing off is ta spray it wiff vinager water, let it sit fur a minute and then scrap....velvet skye
Also here fur yur enjoyment iz a very cute kitty video.


Brian said...

The taking it down part sounds like fun! Hey, that little kitten is everywhere!!!

Ayla and Iza, said...

I did that once in a house and it was a complete disaster. I would just have the drywall replaced and primed for painting. Or add a new layer of drywall on the old surface.

Sorry, Ayla and Iza have no experience with that, so I had to answer...

The Big Thing

Anonymous said...

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