Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kitten Pichure

Baby Molly Holly and Ivory. (Ivory is the orange tabby and Molly Holly is tha gray calico kitty). this iz us when we furst mofed in. we were soo little. tha hanging tiger thangy iz a tiger tail thangy fur yur gas tank. beans had a blue million back then. a chuzin werked at tha exxon gas station. we kilt them all. none left. tha rabbit iz baby salems doll Gloria. she wuld hafe kilt us ifin she knew it wuz up thar wiff us. this shelf wuz in tha laundry rum. its now replaced wiff a big freezer that Ivory lyks ta sleep on. we were named after tha gurl wrestlers Molly Holly (aka Mighty Molly, thats my nickname too) and Ivory.....Molly and Ivory


A few Good Cats said...

Molly Holly, were you displeased with that flashy box? You have to understand that when you're so cute, humans are going to take pictures.

We always like to hear how kitties received their names.

Brian said...

Such little cuties!!!

Ayla and Iza, said...

You were so cute little. Not that ya arent now but it is hard to out-cute anny of us as kittens.