Wednesday, August 18, 2010

owr beans hafe been busy. in this pichure yoo can see tha wallpaper. velvet starterd ta pull sum off. so sissy stripped all tha wallpaper off and painted tha whole rum a bryt whyt. she painted tha baffrum clost that color too (benny lyks ta hang owt on tha top shelf so they keep it empty fur him) and boff door. she painted tha whyt vanity a velvet brown its called so it matches tha furniture. shawn climbed it tha bottom cabinet of it and walked arownd while sissy was letting it dry. she came back and tracked tha prints kleaning them up. shawn iz bery whyt but he had brown paws that day. he said he wuz helping. this weekend thar planning on repainting tha office. mommy said last color came off a shade of green that wuz pepto green (we no understand that). so thar gonna do it a aqua blue. thay shuld rest sum.


Brian said...

Wow, they sure have been busy! You've been helping, right?

Anonymous said...

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