Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sissy maded tha mistake of gifin me Benedryal cawse she heard its gud fur summertyme itchys. i has summertyme itchys. oooohhhh she learned her lesson. i hafe a sensatife tummy and beans hafe near whyte carpet in den. guessed whyt happened. im a gud boy thta nefur wuld go in tha howse but i kuldnt help it. sissy only gafe me benedryal 2x last thursday. i wuz sick all weekend. eferytyme we went owt, i had ta go and seferal tymes in tha howse. beans are still scrubbin tha carpet. teech sissy. she knows better now. im back ta my cream and peroxide fur my itchys....carlito


Brian said...

Oh no, that was a tough lesson for her to learn fur sure!

Unknown said...

I hopes u feel better! :) :) :)