Tuesday, August 09, 2011

youd nefur know it lukin at these pics, but we are 3 high energy pups and one formerly high energy (i had energy when i wuz a wee pup too...JD) and owr beans are lyk no energy. momma and sissy do and keep a spotty howse but theyd rather sun then romp in tha grass or nap and read then run but somehow we just all maked it werk. beans know they hafta play wiff us. they run tha energy owt of us in tha yard and we through down all arownd tha howse. beans say they hafe a posse efery tyme they get up to mofe arownd tha howse.

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Chris said...

a lot of snoozing going on in those pics. But even high energy dogs need to sleep. Our new high energy Lucy is snoring away as I type this. Have a great day all