Wednesday, September 07, 2011

its been raining here since Saturday. I dont lyk it. tha boys go on owt, riley really isnt bothered by tha rain, jd and carlie go on owt cawse they hafe to go, sissy has to carry me owt to mid yard and let me see tha boys pee and ill go on top of where they went. otherwise im ryte back at tha door. im all "no sissy noooo i dont wanna get wet" but she makes me. if im down i try ta stay up against tha howse under tha eaves to limit my getting wet and i sit under tha chairs cause they hafe cushions to protect me. i dont lyk rain....roxie

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Chris said...

Rosie hates the rain too - we're just getting started with a 3 day seige of rain here, so it will be a battle to get her to go out. Lucy on the other hand seems to love it - must have some water spaniel in her. Have a great day all