Tuesday, September 06, 2011

me and roxie gotted anufer baff this weekend. it wuz no fun. momma baffed roxie furst, normally its me furst, and i kept tellin momma to put roxie down and dont hurt her. i was worried. then it wuz my turn. roxie abandoned me. between tha baff and ran and cold we was owt fur tha rest of tha day.

kuld yoo be mean to me?? i luk lyk a teddy bear. nayburs behind us had company and beans tried ta keep us in while thay were owt but they stayed owt fur hours and we had ta go, wiff visiting dogs too that we didnt know. i barked at them, beans were owt wiff us. they kuld hafe headed in but tha visiting gurl came to our fence and hissed at me and tha guy hollered me ta shut up. sissy came and got me and let them know it wasnt acceptable and we went in. kinda changed beans opinions abowt them. i bark at side naybur that owr driveway butts up too, she watches pets as a living and she said i nipped her but she gets down and has a conversashun wiff me and she said i no nip anymore and ise sweet.....riley


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

A bath???

Poor woo!


Keisha said...

Awwww, sweetykins! I say hi to u and ur friends. :)

Tillie and Georgia said...

Riley, we could not be mean to you.
Those mean company beans must be aliens like Sammy Meezer talks about ;)
How could they tell you to shut up with you being so cute and so clean!!
Just ignore them!! We know you better and you are sweet :)

Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Brian said...

A bath? With real water? Oh no!!!