Saturday, January 07, 2012

Message body
Momma was in tha kitchen tha ofur day going thru tha breads (buns and sandwich bread). Momma turned ta sissy, holding tha older bread loaf that had a hole chewed thru tha side and tha bread had been chewed on, and said, not really meaning it “yoo fink we kuld hafe a mouse in tha house?” sissy said nu ugh, not wiff these kittys and Riley. Now knowing us though we’re skared of mousies except Piper and Angle. Tha first, last and only time a mousey came in we all ran frum it but those two and Flair (this was before he passed) and Pipers as little as a mouse. Oh and that was BR (before Riley, tha incredible any creature but cats and pups killer). Buuuuut sissy then said “as a matter of fact we do hafe a rat in this house, and here he is). Baby was sitting at tha kitchen table. He really likes bread and has a habit of chewing thru tha plastic ta get to tha bread.


Mark's Mews said...

Some one ate BREAD? Yuck.

Katnip Lounge said...

Cutest "rat" we've ever seen!