Monday, April 23, 2012

i wuz soooo freaked owt Frida nyte. we were in the den and momma fell asleep wathcing teefee. sissy wandered into the back of tha howse and tha power was out. it was on in the front though. you kuld draw a line were it cut off and tha office werked but not tha ceiling fan. so sissy called tha electric company and saw we were tha only outage in our area but other areas had 1 (reported) outage per area too. sissy flipt tha hallway light into on position and went back into the den ta watch teefee. it started ta rain. we went outside and ryte back in. then sissy saw hall lyte come on, hen 10 minutes later, back off. it did this until 12. sissy woke momma ta go to bed and i sleep wiff momma. i tried ta go under tha bed (id nefur be able ta get out) and klimb mommas nytstand. i wuz just freakt. i wuldnt stay on tha bed and followed sissy and sat under tha desk in tha office while she played a game. she had made me a pallet in mommas rhum rley was on it, so she made a 2nd pallet and i laid on it with salem, we had a slumber party. whoa i wau sooo tired....jd

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Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Thats so weerd! We never had just half the house lose lectricity before.