Monday, July 02, 2012

why efun go owtside

just luk at this. whats tha point of efun going owt anymore. we still forget and go running owt then come to a stop with a "dam" luk. we cant see gurl carlie. she lifes on tha ofur side tha fence behind us. a gud gurl. but beans said this gifes us privacy so we can go owt when her beans are hosting parties, we arent trapped in. beans did back and mean ole dougs side. its an 8 fut fence. tha front and Frans side arent done (fronts a small area at carport) so we can visit when fran brings home pets shes petsitting. gurl carlie was torn up barking tha first nyte (she goes inside though) and so we went owt and barked at her and beans feel very badly cutting her off, but we talk to her and all so she knows we are still here. gurl carlie is called that because we hafe carlie here and her name is carlie too.....roxie

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